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Peer tutoring in Eskasoni

In the fall of 2007, EPIC began a partnership with the Eskasoni First Nations School District to bring Youth Peer-style math tutoring to the students of Eskasoni.

With funding from the Eskasoni School Board, teacher and former Vice-Principal of Eskasoni High School, Newell Johnson—who has been tutoring students after school on a volunteer basis for several years—will oversee Eskasoni student volunteers as they tutor junior high and high school students in math.

In November, Newell brought 15 of her volunteer tutors to Sydney to attend a Tutor Training session provided by the staff of the Youth Peer Program.

Tutoring sessions will be held in the Eskasoni High School on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:30. There is limited availability for these tutoring slots and therefore students are selected by school referral.

EPIC provides financial management of this project as well as tutor education and on-going support and supervision.


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