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Our Volunteers

Volunteerism is at the heart of EPIC


Volunteers vitalize this organization from the founder of the charity; to the Board of Directors; to the high school, college and university students who tutor and mentor kids in the Youth Peer Program; to Staff who say "yes" time and time again to doing the extras that make the programs special.

Volunteerism is truly an organizational value.

To inquire about becoming a tutor/mentor for EPIC:
Volunteer Recruitment and Training

Every September, the Youth Peer & Outreach staff does tutor / mentoring training for the volunteers that our Volunteers Coordinator has recruited. Often volunteers return from year to year.

Volunteers Tutoring and Mentoring Students

The Youth Peer Volunteer tutor-mentors are all high school, college, or university students who come to the centre one or more days a week for two hours after school. They are matched with one student for the year and the relationship that forms between them is the basis for the progress we see in academic and social growth for our participants—and for the success of the program. As well, the volunteers take away many benefits from their time with these kids. Including Outreach and Online, an estimated 3200 hours of volunteer time happens every school year.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinners

Each spring, EPIC hosts a dinner for its volunteers to thank them for the time and effort they've put in to help the kids of Youth Peer. Everyone gets a certificate, a Youth Peer t-shirt, a good meal and a hearty THANK YOU for helping these kids!

We Love Our Volunteers!

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