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Community Partners

One of EPIC’s strengths is its ability and willingness to link with other community organizations, projects, agencies and institutions. These connections enhance not only EPIC’s initiatives and those of the partners but also the overall delivery of services to our community by increasing understanding and by transcending the usual boundaries dividing educational, social, cultural and legal domains. EPIC is proud of these collaborations and highly values the managerial insights, client referrals, and cooperation of the partner agencies that are assisting with our current initiatives.


Our Management Team

EPIC oversees the finances and daily operations of the Youth Peer Outreach and Parents PEACE Programs, in partnership with 33 community agencies who refer high-risk kids and/or caregivers to the programs, network to enhance the community’s services, and offer advice to ensure the smooth dovetailing of EPIC’s programs with other community supports.


The Management Team meets quarterly, while staff and referring partner representatives are in regular contact, often on a daily basis. As well, the partner agencies regularly contribute to our programs by providing speakers for Parents PEACE and, when it was running, Breakthrough.


The following 34 community partner agencies currently serve on the Management Team:

• Island Community Justice

• Salvation Army

• Cape Breton Victoria Regional Centre for Education

• Nova Scotia Legal Aid

• Nova Scotia Community Services -  Child Welfare

• NSHA Mental Health Child & Adolescent Services

• Cape Breton University - Career Services

• Black Educators Association

• Membertou Education

• Nova Scotia Correctional Services

• Cape Breton Regional Police

• Transition House

• Whitney Pier Boys and Girls Club

• Native Council

• Centre Scolaire Etoile de l’Acadie

• Family Service of Eastern Nova Scotia

• Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority

• Family Place Resource Centre

• Nova Scotia Community College - Marconi Campus

• YMCA of Cape Breton

• Association For Safer Cape Breton Communities

• Adult Literacy Association of Cape Breton County

• Schools Plus

• CaperBase Access 808

• Nova Scotia Public Health

• Ally Centre of Cape Breton

• Housing First

• Cape Breton Centre for Sexual Health

• Cornerstone Cape Breton

• Cape Breton Youth Project

• Northside Employment a& esource Centre

• Undercurrent Youth Centre

• IWK Mental Health and Addictions

• Five Eleven Youth and Family Centre

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