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In-Kind Contributors

Not all support is financial. EPIC could not as efficiently deliver the services it does to the community without in-kind contributions. These include contributions of time, space, knowledge, expertise, equipment and services. Obviously these are invaluable to an organization like EPIC that values partnerships and volunteerism and prides itself on spending dollars on the actual delivery of services to the clients we seek to serve.

The gifts provided by the following organizations and people are integral to Youth Peer, Breakthrough, Parents PEACE and EPIC’s other projects.


CONTRIBUTION: Supervisory hours, Financial Administration, Fund-raising, Website, Office Equipment.

Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education


Youth Volunteers

CONTRIBUTION: Mentoring/Tutoring

The Ann Terry Project

CONTRIBUTION: Meeting space for the Board of Directors for many years

United Protestant Church, Sydney River

CONTRIBUTION: Use of Fellowship Hall for Breakthrough Fundraising dinners and for Volunteer Appreciation Dinner; Kitchen and Cooking Volunteers for dinners; meeting space for Board of Directors

Salvation Army

CONTRIBUTION: Use of hall and kitchen for Volunteer Appreciation Dinners along with volunteer cooking help

Taylor Burton, Fran Burton and Emile Conn

CONTRIBUTION: Singing and musical entertainment for many dinners and events

Island Community Justice
CB-Victoria Regional District for Education
Children’s Aid
NSHA Mental Health Child & Adolescent Services
CB Correctional Services
CB Centre for Sexual Health
Whitney Pier Youth Club
Family Place Resource Centre
NS Legal Aid

CONTRIBUTION: Educational Presentations to Parents PEACE participants

Management Team Partners

CONTRIBUTION: Referrals, Expertise, Support

Thank you all!

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