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Values and Priorities

EPIC’s core values are stated in its by-laws and are the principles which govern all decisions—large and small—taken by the Board of Directors and which guide the day-to-day operation and management of its programs and projects.



EPIC seeks to generate unique ways to address problems through the open-minded consideration of ideas which reflect the broadest possible perspective exploring solutions which are “outside the box.” Consideration of how thoroughly an approach responds to the identified needs shall be deemed more important that whether the approach has been attempted successfully by others.



EPIC is committed to catching those who fall through the cracks in the services of other organizations. In seeking to accommodate persons or situations not accepted by other organizations, EPIC shall focus on empathy in choosing the most accommodating path and assessing the corresponding risks while prioritizing the purpose of the charity and the safety of staff.


EPIC is committed to a policy of inclusiveness with the understanding that affirming diversity may require considerable effort beyond routine procedure. EPIC shall ensure that best efforts are sustained to achieve representation of diverse groups, particularly those who have been marginalized by others, which is reflective of their proportion within the larger populace. This diversity shall be targeted within the charity’s Board and staff, in its community partnerships, and among its volunteers and clients.



EPIC considers volunteerism to be instrumental in its cost-effective pursuit of program or project initiatives. The charity shall strive to sustain high levels of volunteerism by ensuring that volunteers are rewarded with fulfilling activities and appreciated for their contributions. EPIC shall also seek to hire staff who approach their work with the spirit of volunteerism, so that service to clients is paramount. EPIC shall in turn seek to honour staff who serve “beyond the call of duty” through job flexibility in accommodating their needs and in remunerations which meet or exceed those in comparable charitable programs while outpacing changes in the cost of living.


EPIC, as a small, independent, volunteer-based charitable organization, is free from the restrictive services and cumbersome regulations which affect many community agencies. This provides the charity with the opportunity to engage in community initiatives which transcend organizational and cultural boundaries. EPIC seeks to use this freedom to maximize community partnership in each endeavour in which doing so is likely to enhance services to clients, engagement of the community, and cooperation with other agencies.


To advance marginalized learners through innovation, empathy, volunteerism, diversity and partnership.


The charity’s focus is on children and youth at risk, especially those from marginalized cultures, who are self-motivated but require enhanced accommodation and support to ensure attainable social adaptation and educational advancement.

The charity’s activities may include:

  • educational projects filling voids in services for disadvantaged or at-risk learners

  • scholarships for vocational or university training

  • tutoring and mentoring services

  • secondary and post-secondary field-of-study work

  • educational initiatives serving youth and their

  • development or enhancement of strategies or materials promoting social adaptation or cultural affirmation

  • networking with other registered charitable organizations to promote parallel initiatives across Canada and abroad

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