94.7% of EPIC funding goes to charitable rather than administrative activities.

This is an impressive percentage for any charity. It can only be accomplished in our organization because our Founder and Executive Director takes no salary and volunteers every hour he spends on the charity.


EPIC has never felt it necessary to spend any of its income on professional fundraising. Many necessary  services are provided through in-kind contributions and/or volunteer time.

It gets better: 100% of any private donation we receive is put to work entirely for the benefit of the people EPIC serves. We appreciate and take every donation we receive as a personal vote of confidence and trust which we strive to merit every day.


Educational Program Innovations Charity Society (EPIC)

A national award-winning registered Canadian charity and Nova Scotian incorporated society in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada since 1996.

EPIC is small, but it has a big impact on our community. Make sure your charitable donations have a big impact as well.
Consider including us in your yearly giving.

We welcome your donation and will put it to excellent use.



Please provide a civic address when donating, as one is required by

Canada Revenue to issue a tax receipt.

Cheques may be sent to the address below or

email us, using this form. A personal acknowledgement and tax receipt will be sent promptly.


PO Box 1897
North Sydney, NS
B2A 3S9
Phone: 902 794-7225
Fax: 902 794-9225

Thank You