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Barry receives local volunteerism award

EPIC is happy to announce that founder Barry Waldman is the recipient of the third annual Harvey Webber Memorial Award. The award was presented at the United Way of Cape Breton Annual General Meeting, held at Membertou on April 15, 2008.

The honour is awarded to individuals who

  1. have a history of community volunteer experience in Cape Breton

  2. have devoted considerable time and effort in a volunteer capacity in the non-profit / non-governmental field

  3. have made an exemplary contribution as a community leader

  4. epitomize the true volunteer spirit by choosing to give his/her time freely for no personal gain.

Barry, the creator of EPIC, serves as Supervisor of Programs and on the Board as Director of Finance, both volunteer positions. EPIC has managed over a dozen programs and projects since its inception, all focused on marginalized learners. During that time, over 98.7% of funding has gone directly to programs and initiatives, due mainly to Barry’s habit of donating time in all administrative capacities. It is conservatively estimated that the lives of over 1500 youth and young adults in Cape Breton have been favourably impacted by the programs fostered by Barry.


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