Parents PEACE Framework

lighthouse icon EPIC oversees the Parents PEACE Program in conjunction with the Youth Peer Program. Every Monday night, parents meet in the Youth Peer facility with Peggy Vassallo, the facilitator for the program. Issues of parenting are discussed. The parents are frequently joined by management partners and other community representatives who speak on issues that directly impact on the parent-child relationship. Later, Peggy and the parents tackle real-life situations by using a framework developed by EPIC.

This framework—which puts the “P.E.A.C.E” in Parents PEACE—is designed to give a parent ready, easy-to-understand and easy-to-remember tools for dealing with all varieties of parenting situations.

lighthouse iconThe Parents PEACE Framework


    No parent has all the answers
    Communication, and
    Evaluation builds confidence, hope, and gradual improvements.


    Treat yourself and your child as human beings worthy of dignity and respect at all times. Forgive yourself and your child when expectations are not met.



    Stop the action
    Identify your part in the situation, actions and emotions
    Think about how everyone’s behaviors and emotions mix to bring about conflict or resolution


    Taking the time arrowarrowarrow
    Talking and listening arrowarrowarrow
    Two-way interaction builds arrowarrowarrow
    Trust which leads to a parent’s ability to arrowarrowarrow
    Teach which is another word for Discipline arrowarrowarrow
    Remember: arrowarrowarrow Good communication is a loop. Keep it going. arrowarrowarrow


    Do I feel good about myself?
    Do I understand my child better?
    Do I feel better understood by my child?
    Do my actions allow my child to have hope?
    Do my actions help me feel closer to my child?

Remember: there are no quick fixes to complex problems.
It is all about Practicing. Take some slow deep breaths and begin again with renewed confidence and hope.


lighthouse icon NOTE: This framework is copyrighted © by EPIC. We are happy to share under two simple conditions. We ask that you first contact us at to let us know how you wish to use the PEACE Framework. We also ask that you credit it to: EPIC – Educational Program Innovations Charity Society – © 2005 – 2011 and include the website address: [] on any printed versions of the Framework. We can provide your organization with a ‘fancy’ handout-sized version on card stock for cost. Just ask about it when you email.
We appreciate your interest and cooperation. Thanks.

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