Eskasoni Elder Safety

lighthouse icon The Eskasoni Elder Safety project focuses on relationships between elders and youth in the Eskasoni community. It began in January 2009 as funding was acquired through Nova Scotia Department of Seniors. EPIC administers this project in collaboration with five Eskasoni community organizations (see below) directly impacted by the program and its services.

The goal of Eskasoni Elder Safety is to enhance seniors’ safety and well-being, improve police and seniors communication, and promote respect and positive relationships between seniors and youth.

To these ends, the project will encompass two initiatives both of which involve broad community partnerships, supervised activities, and ongoing communication with the RCMP. These are:

Youth Giving Back to Elders
This initiative’s objective is to provide supervised, volunteer youth placements in valued service to elders throughout the school year. The program fosters positive relationships between youth and elders which improves the safety and well-being of seniors, increases mutual respect, promotes beneficial interactions between youth and elders, and reduces future risks of elder victimization. Spearheaded by the Seniors Safety Coordinator, this initiative centers on placements of volunteer high school students to provide services which seniors in the community have identified. These might include clearing ice and snow, doing minor home repairs, lifting, moving or organizing items in seniors’ homes. As well, the initiative will focus on shared educational and social activities with youth and seniors.

Elders Spirit
The objective of Elders Spirit is to provide year-round activities which engage elders and enhance their health, safety and well-being. The coordinator of this initiative confers with the Elders Committee to identify and facilitate activities of interest to seniors such as social events, educational presentations, and shared sessions with the RCMP. The coordinator of Elders Spirit also works in conjunction with the Coordinator of Youth Giving Back to Elders to match each youth to a senior who would most benefit from the service and to identify the needs of participating seniors that would be most appropriate for youth volunteers to provide.

Community Partner Organizations:

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