Current Initiatives

Our mission is to advance marginalized learners through innovation, empathy, volunteerism, diversity and partnerships.

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lighthouse icon Youth Peer Program

Since 2008, Youth Peer, EPIC’s primary and most-sustained initiative, is an after-school peer tutoring and mentoring program, serving the youth of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. In over 10,000 youth-tutor matches that have taken place during these years, students with varying degrees of challenges—from high risk young offenders to elementary kids with learning differences—have benefited educationally, socially, creatively, and emotionally.

lighthouse icon Breakthrough

Since 2011, Breakthrough is a program for current and former Youth Peer participants to help themselves and other youth develop ways to overcome crises and develop resiliency. They volunteer to engage in expertly facilitated sessions where they discuss challenges and come up with activities that they can carry-out in order help other youth and give back to their community.

lighthouse icon Parents PEACE Program

Since 2005, Parents PEACE is an on-going educational and supportive group led by an experienced facilitator. The parents are treated to frequent guest speakers from community agencies and tackle the difficult issues of parenting by using EPIC’s Parents PEACE Framework.

lighthouse icon Scholarships

Each year the EPIC Board of Directors awards a scholarship of $500 to each of three deserving graduating seniors from local marginalized communities. The recipients have been distinguished by high school staff for their commitment to community or perseverance in overcoming obstacles to advancement.

lighthouse icon Volunteerism Awards

EPIC provides $500 Volunteerism Awards every year to each of two graduating post-secondary students who have distinguished themselves for outstanding community volunteerism beyond course requirements.


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