Partnerships are so important to EPIC that they are written into our by-laws as a core value.

Please click on the headings to find out more detailed information about our partnerships.

lighthouse iconCommunity Partners

As a small independent volunteer-based charitable organization, EPIC is free from the restrictive services and cumbersome regulations which affect many community agencies. This provides the charity with the opportunity to engage in community initiatives which transcend organizational and cultural boundaries. EPIC seeks to use this freedom to maximize community partnership in each endeavour in which doing so is likely to enhance services to clients, engagement of the community, and cooperation with other agencies.

lighthouse iconFunding Partners

EPIC seeks the involvement of other foundations, individuals, and governmental and non-governmental agencies to support the work we do. Simply stated, the programs and projects we work on would not be possible without our funding partners.

lighthouse iconIn-kind Contributors

In-kind contributors give freely of their time, space, expertise and other kinds of support in order to make EPIC projects and programs available.

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