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Welcome to EPIC’s new website.
As Communication’s Director for EPIC, I will be maintaining the site and doing the majority of the blog posts. As of this posting, the site is still very much under construction. My intention is to have it all updated before the new school year begins in September.

EPIC has never had a website with a blog format before so we haven’t had the experience of blogging our current activities. I hope to maintain a monthly update with information and photos of what’s happening at Youth Peer and with our other initiatives.

If you would like to receive an email with each update, please register with us by clicking the link in the sidebar under META. Your email will not be seen by anyone but me and your privacy will be strictly protected.

all the best,

2 thoughts on “EPIC Blog

  1. Nancy,

    What a fantastic job you did on this !

    It truly shows that the volunteers and students have fun here .

    The Volunteers and staff do ‘make a difference’ in the children’s lives.

    It is fun to work here and very rewarding.

    Wendy MacDonald

  2. It’s October 2009 now and I have just scanned this website once again . Very impressive, Nancy ! What a fantastic job at keeping it up to date . Congrats AGAIN to you Barry and your team. It is much deserved. It was a privilege to have worked there. The very best to you all ! You all deserve a huge pat on the back for your hard work.

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