lighthouse icon The mission of Educational Program Innovations Charity Society is to advance marginalized learners through innovation, empathy, volunteerism, diversity and partnership.

“This organization is small, quick and flexible, so it can more easily get to the people who need help.”
– Volunteer

The charity’s focus is on Aboriginal, African-Canadian, and other Nova Scotia learners who are self-motivated but lack the resources or support system needed to enhance their education.

The charity’s activities may include:

  • educational projects filling voids in services for disadvantaged or at-risk learners
  • scholarships for vocational or university training; tutoring and mentoring services
  • secondary and post-secondary field-of-study work
  • educational initiatives serving youth and their
  • development or enhancement of strategies or materials promoting social adaptation or cultural affirmation
  • networking with other registered charitable organizations to promote parallel initiatives across Canada and abroad

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