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lighthouse iconEPIC was created in 1996, the brain-child of Barry Waldman.

At that time, Barry was director of Unama’ki Training and Education Centre (TEC), an alternate high school and adult-education facility in Eskasoni First Nation, Nova Scotia. Because he was in daily contact with marginalized learners, he saw not only their individual challenges, but also opportunities lost due to lack of funding for specific programs. He identified the need for a community-based and funded charitable organization that could respond flexibly and quickly to financial and educational initiatives; an organization that could—because of its basis in volunteerism and focus on learners’ needs—fill in gaps between local, provincial and federal governmental agencies. Barry’s solution to all this was to found Educational Program Innovations Charity Society.

EPIC has initiated, adopted, fostered and managed many projects and programs. It has also partnered with other agencies—both community and governmental—to provide community services to learners of all ages in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. To carry out many of these projects, EPIC has frequently been entrusted with funding by departments within both the federal and provincial governments. Private foundations are an increasing source of funding. EPIC is pleased and proud to be receiving substantial financial support from The Law Foundation of Nova Scotia since 2004. Recently, the organization has been the recipient of private donations which are helping to keep its programs running smoothly.


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Annual Report and Audit

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You can contact EPIC at epiccharity@gmail.com

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